Why you should come work with us.

Freelance life has a lot of perks, and working from home in your pajamas is one of them. So why should you come work with us?


The people who work here are smart, helpful, and caring. We help each other solve problems and deal with grumpy clients.


We have a FAX machine. And a NICE laser printer. And a conference room with a conference phone. Things you most likely don't have or want at home.


We're not talking technical support, but emotional support. People need people around them to stay sane. We're all sane. Most of the time.

It’s about Community

Every Friday we do a group lunch and various people take part in cooking in our onsite kitchen.
We eat together as a tight-knit group of friends who build each other up and help each other grow.




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Meet some of us

Our members are a diverse group of developers, designers, project managers and many other trades. Our member list is about 50% women, and we have a wide range of ethicities represented.



Tina spends her days creating digital artworks. Her art has been on display at Carnegie Hall and the London Art Museum.

Three women, head shots, on the beach

Three Sisters Inc.

Marketing Firm

Juanita, Juliette, and Jaquiline are three sisters that started their own marketing firm. They work primarily with young, inner-city artists and musicians.

Woman drinking coffee head down


Web Developer

Sam has been working on the internet since before there were pictures on the web. Her breadth of knowledge is only rivaled by its depth.

Man making face at the camera


Project Manager

La'Quan is so organized that he knows in what order his stripes go. If you need something accomplished in an orderly, well planned manner, he's your man.

What members say

We rarely need to market, since our members tend to tell everyone they know what a great place this is to work.
Inverness looking at the camera


Business Owner

"I love that I get respect from the people around me. Being a woman in business often means dealing with people who don't think I should be here, but at Coworker Pro I fit in."

Hanson head shot


Drafting Engineer

"The atmosphere of youth and excitement in this space is intoxicating. These people are changing the world, and I get to be there to see it happen."

Natalya in the forest



"Friday lunches with the group are the BEST. I love group cooking and the feeling of family that comes from everyone around the table."

Get in Touch

The front desk is attended from 8am to 8pm EST.

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1834 N. Division St.
Grand Rapids MI,

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Frederick Polk
+1 123-555-9876
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